We’re going to AIPAC!!

Table of Contents

FIND US in the Village on Sunday and Monday…..we’ll have a medic with us giving courses during the day…


Learn first aid used in the field everyday – get your own badge when you’re done!
11:00 Cardiac arrest response; Learn how to respond as we do every day.
1:00 Armadillo – 15 Second Challenge; this ballistic blanket saves lives – try it!
3:00 bandages/tourniquet – carry a patient on a stretcher while treating his wound
5:00 CPR with defibrillator – try our simulator device specially made for training

Armadillo Ballistic Blanket in action

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הצלה ללא גבולות - Rescuers Without Borders

Rescuers Without Borders is an Israeli volunteer organization, with a network of over 1,600 medics, paramedics, and doctors, who are committed to saving lives.