Security Report for 19May2021

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Things are quieting down with the Gaza border region; according to the IDF, there is a reduction of 80% of missiles being fired toward Israel in the last 12 hours. It is quieting down. Here is a snapshot of the activities reported over our region today….

9:19 a.m., Arabs throw rocks at vehicles on the Gush Etzion Hebron Road at the archeological site ;

10:42 a.m.;  7 rockets land in Eshkol region, damage to homes. No injuries.

11:19 a.m., Arabs threw rock at a vehicle descending to Emanuel to Nahal Kana; 

Arabs hurled stones at vehicles in the Singil area northeast of Ramallah, causing damage;

12:49, pm In the last barrage towards Eshkol region, one rocket landed inside a school yard, luckily it was empty and there were no injuries. 

12:42, Arabs throw rocks at a bus and vehicles south of Givat Assaf on Route 60 

2:47 pm Kiryat Arba: An armed bomber with an M16 rifle got out of a vehicle at the entrance to Kiryat Arba and managed to fire in the direction of the hitchhiking station.

He was neutralized by our security forces. 

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