Community Programs

Even in the community we are always the first

Rescuers Without Borders is working tirelessly to save lives in Israel. Among the goals that this organization took upon itself is treatment to post trauma to children who were injured by terror attacks especially children around the Gaza Strip.

Community Programs

Community Programs

The difficult experiences that children of the south go through leave behind many scars and hurt their childhood.

Rescuers Without Borders established a therapeutic farm in Kibbutz Urim that is located around Gaza border. It gives treatment to traumatized children.

The impressive results of the therapeutic farm are difficult to describe. They are remarkable beyond words.

In addition to the many projects the organization is doing to help the community, there is also a project to support Holocaust Survivors and improve their living conditions. 

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The Establishment of a Therapeutic Farm for Children

In 2003, a shocking brutal murderous event took place at the home of the Shabo family in Itamar. In the house, a mother and 3 children were murdered. One of the children, Esael, was critically wounded and was treated by volunteers of Rescuers Without Borders. 

The treatment saved the life of Esael.

A few months after this horrific event, Aryeh Levi co-founder of Rescuers Without Borders, met with Esael’s father. In a conversation he had with the father, he found out that since the event, Asael had stopped speaking. He was frightened and severely traumatized.

One of the volunteers from Rescuers Without Borders was working at the time in a therapeutic farm using a method that was new at that time in Israel. The method was professional treatment via horseback riding, and teaching a common language between the child and the horse. The horseback riding is contributing to the self-confidence of the child and helping the child reveal that he has the tools and the capabilities to be in control.

Easel who arrived to the farm started all of a sudden to speak. And for the first time since the terror attack, his father learned about the details of the horrific event. And was able to hear also what were the last words of his wife before she finally closed her eyes. 

Easel opened up to the world in a miraculous way and even won the swimming championship the handicap category among many other awards.

Following the success of this treatment, Rescuers Without Borders opened a farm that uses that same method to benefit traumatized children from terror attacks. 

The main activity is mainly for children in the South of the country. This is an area that has experienced many terror attacks by scuds that were shot from Hamas from Gaza.

Project “Our Dear Ones” to Support Holocaust Survivors

Rescuers Without Borders in partnership with the Department for Social Services of Sapir College established a unique project that provides solution to the Holocaust Survivors population in the South of the country. 

The Goal of the Project

In Israel there are 190,000 Holocaust survivors, but many of them live lives of loneliness and in difficult conditions.

Because of the fact that this segment of the population is struggling with economic difficulties and difficult living conditions, the organization has taken upon itself to help and support the entire holocaust survivor population in the south of Israel.

Especially since they, too, have experienced anxiety because of the terror attacks in the southern region.

The Details of the Project

Personal meetings – the students that partake in this project meet with the elderly, listen to their life stories, and keep them company. 

Out of these meetings and visits comes special relationships between the students and the elderly holocaust survivors.

The many life stories of the holocaust survivors are documented by the students and are published. 

In the past, we have also published recipe books of the women who were holocaust survivors.

Beyond the above, the organization is helping financially with food bahome repairs. Because of Rescuers Without Borders, these people are able to receive care andskets, medications, and compassion and a response to all their needs.

Rescue With Values

This unique cooperation between Rescuers Without Borders and the students gives the best response to Holocaust Survivors.

The holocaust survivors are able with the help of the students, to expand their social circle, influences their state of mind.

For the students this experience brings knowledge and awareness, teaches them to care for their fellow jews. Also, students that partake in this project receive scholarship to enable him/her to continue with their studies in the college. 


Adopt a Volunteer

Our organization has over 1500 volunteers throughout the State of Israel. We spend $ 150 on a volunteer each month, help us and adopt one or more volunteers.