Mission Report: Ethiopia

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SSF conducted a mission in Gondar, Ethiopia, a few weeks ago. 

Objective: Offer medical assistance to the locals. 

600 patients were seen and treated by SSF doctors.

SSF also conducted a first aid training course for 63 medical students and the Chief of Pediatrics of Gondar hospital.

This one-week mission was very busy, and it really helped the locals.

The Mayor of Gondar came in person to meet the SSF team, and he thanked them for the medical help the gave the population, and for the advanced first aid training they conducted for these 3 teams.

He thinks these trainings will definitely improve the efficiency of the emergency services in and around Gondar.

SSF conducts first aid training courses and gives away first aid kits on a regular basis, in order to increase the rescuers’ efficiency and save more lives.

Gondar hospital administrator also approached SSF for a project they would like to see happen: he would like SSF to conduct a tactical medicine (i.e. emergency medicine) clinic to train the hospital staff.
Since Ethiopia is in dire need of emergency medical services, SSF has decided to train and equip 250 rescuers.

Humanity in action!

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