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Rescuing the jews of Ukraine in their time of need

הצלה ללא גבולות - Rescuers Without Borders - לוגו חתוך באמצע לתמונות 3


The organization Rescuers Without Borders aka Yekirei Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron was established during the 2nd intifada, was giving medical response to hundreds of calls daily. Today this organization is spread around the globe and provides first medical response in countries that are hit by natural disasters.

We will arrive to every place where we are needed regardless of race, religion or nationality. We give medical response to every human wherever they might be. Read more about us….


Rescuers Without Borders is an Israeli volunteer organization, with an international network of over 1,600 medics, paramedics, and doctors, who are committed to saving lives.

War in the Ukraine

 Thanks to the deployment of our teams in Ukraine five years ago we were ready for war in Ukraine. In recent days, our teams have been preparing for this war by brushing up on their resuscitation and assessment techniques and by adjusting the roles to the situation in-country, in a war zone.

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