NATAN Mobile Unit, Ordinary Ambulance and Bulletproof Ambulance

“NATAN” Mobile Unit – An intensive care mobile unit is a field hospital capable of providing advanced and invasive treatment under sterile conditions, similar to an intensive care unit in a hospital. It can be set up in an instant in the field, wherever needed. The mobile unit will maintain advanced resuscitation equipment as well as medical equipment used to treat trauma and complicated injuries. The need in the Judea and Samaria area is most necessary, since most of the settlements are far from the hospitals, and in this mobile unit, initial treatments can be performed and the life of the patient / injured can be saved without waiting.

Ordinary Ambulance – an ordinary ambulance contains the medical equipment for an emergency medical response, such as basic lifesaving equipment. There is great importance in the deployment of ambulances so there can be a quick evacuation to the hospital.  Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley are on the periphery of the major Israeli cities so the importance of ambulance deployment in all locals means the more ambulances we have, the more lives we can save!

Bulletproof Ambulance – Throughout the area we experience quite a few shooting incidents. Medical teams can not come in and treat a shooting incident while shooting continues.

Therefore, a bulletproof ambulance is needed, which allows medical crews to reach casualties even in areas where there is danger. Our crews can run in and rescue the injured, and evacuate them to the hospital.

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