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Here is a wide range of life-saving products that we at Rescue Without Borders use. You can help us with a generous donation from one of the products below. Choose one of the products that you can afford, and a product that you personally connect to and send us details. We will get back to you for the continuation of the donation.

“Whoever Saves One Life Saves the Entire World”

Defibrillator - דפיברילטור


The defibrillator is a life-saving resuscitation device that can make the difference between life and death in the event of cardiac arrest. The defibrillator restores

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Corpulse Heart Monitor

Corpulse is an essential resuscitation device, which monitors patient data in broad medical metrics such as: pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, body temperature, ECG,

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בימבולנס - Bimbulance


The Bimbulance is a tiny electric vehicle equipped with advanced medical equipment. Due to its small size, its ability to maneuver in traffic and urban

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אופנולנס - Medical Motorcycle

Medical Motorcycle

The medial motorcycle is equipped with advanced resuscitation equipment and is mounted by a paramedic. In an emergency every minute is critical and separates life

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