Chanukah in Israel is a Busy Time for Travel….Our Rescuers Stay Alert

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Car and truck collision at Metar Junction, Har Hevron. 10.12.2020


Even with all the positive developments between Israel and Arab countries, and as business develops in this realm, here at home, the terror continues. Just this week at a border crossing, a suspect who refused to halt was shot in the legs in order to prevent a deadly terror attack.

During this season, kids are home for Chanukah break and families travel together throughout Israel, from the very North all the way down south to Eilat where it is warm. Our medics, in the meantime,  are always on call….even while on vacation with their own families, enjoying the latkes and sufganiot, and lighting the menorah. Accidents on the roads, terror, and regular medical emergencies are occurring  every day. and every night.  Thanks to you, our supporters,  we are organized, prepared, and available to help at a moments’ notice.

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הצלה ללא גבולות - Rescuers Without Borders

Rescuers Without Borders is an Israeli volunteer organization, with a network of over 1,600 medics, paramedics, and doctors, who are committed to saving lives.