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Survivor of Halamish massacre recalls how Rescuers Without Borders paramedics were first on the scene after brutal attack.


On the night of July 21, 2017, Michal Salomon was enjoying Shabbat dinner with her family in the town of Neve Tzuf (Halamish) in Samaria when a terrorist burst into the house and stabbed to death her husband, father-in-law, and sister-in-law.
Michal protected her children by bringing them upstairs and holding the door shut, all the while hearing the carnage being inflicted on her family below.
“The first people who came to the scene tried to help the victims. They saved my mother-in-law. They couldn’t save the rest,” Micahl said.
Those first responders belonged to Rescuers Without Borders, an organization which provides emergency medical assistance in Judea and Samaria.

“They are volunteer medics,” said Rescuers Without Borders Director of Development Natalie Sopinsky. “They are there living with us. [They are] regular people, mommies and daddies and teachers and accountants and builders. They are trained in first aid and first response and emergency medicine. They have the equipment – we help them get the equipment, and they have it with them, in their homes, in their cars.”

“Because they are there, in the scene, not at some station far away, they do arrive first on the scene,” she added. “They are on 24-hour call, and they arrive first when there’s an incident.”

Michal Salomon will speak at an event titled ‘Fuel for Truth’ at Union Square in New York on November 13. The event will be held from 6:45-9 PM.
On November 15, Natalie Sopinsky will speak at Wyndsong Estates in Boynton Beach, Florida.


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